April 11, 2005

Fatal General Aviation Accident Near Cincinnati

A University of Cincinnati Student and his flight instructor were involved in a fatal accident today. Details at this time are limited and most details will not be released until the NTSB report is put out. Until then you can learn more about the accident by reading articles on WLWT.com and in the Enquirer.

As a private pilot it is always sad and frightening to learn of general aviation accidents. It is a reminder that this hobby I am so passionate about is also one with inherent dangers.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these fellow pilots. I hope they can take comfort in that their loved ones died doing something they probably loved.

For the pilots out there we should be sure to read the NTSB report when available and learn from tragedies like this one to make our flying safer. We should also keep in mind that reports like the Annual Nall Report remind us that flying is safer than it has ever been before.

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