October 12, 2004

Fall - A Perfect Season for Flying

fall.jpgI am quickly learning that I love flying in the Fall. In the late days of April, when I started learning to fly, it was already warming up quiet rapidly in the Cincinnati area. Throughout most of my training the air outside was hot with high humidity. It was often uncomfortable sitting in the non-air conditioned cockpit. Additionally, it usually meant changing from the clothes I wore to work to shorts and a t-shirt before flying.

But with Fall taking full effect I am finding out what a great season this is for flying. I can often go straight from work to airport, without having to change clothes which is a great way to finish the day. Additionally, there are not as many thunderstorms that can dangerously pop-up with little notice, meaning there are fewer flights canceled due to weather. Lastly, I am really enjoying watching the changing of the fall colors from the skies above. Today, as I flew around the pattern over the nearby golf course I noticed the great variety of fall colors below. It was absolutely beautiful.

The only downside of Fall and Winter flying will be the lack of daylight hours. Though the optimist in me says that is more time to work on my night flying skills.

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