July 29, 2004

FAA Written Exam - Passed with an 87%

pass_faa.jpgSo I am another step closer to earning my Private Pilot's License. Over lunch today I drove out to Sporty's at the Clermont County Airport to take the written exam. I spent about ten minutes with the test administrator filling out paperwork and reviewing the computer training system before starting the test.

Although I knew I was prepared, I was still a bit nervous. Even more so when the first question was an obscure question about whether a motorboat or a floatplane has the right of way on a lake. I no longer felt so well prepared. But after answering that question incorrectly, I moved on and the questions became much more familiar.

Although you are allotted over two hours for the exam it took me a little over 30 minutes to finish. When I completed the test there was no drumroll or a long wait for the results from the test administrator. Instead it quickly displayed on screen - Pass 87% - 52 of 60 questions answered correctly. I should be happy with that score but I keep thinking if I had not been asked the bogus floatplane question and answered one other question right, I would have scored a 90%. But I should stop thinking about the written exam and start focusing on the the flight exam.

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