June 12, 2004

Blue Ash Airshow - Airport Days

castrol_small.jpgThe airport where I am doing my training is hosting the Eigth Annual Blue Ash Airport Days Airshow. I figured if I could not fly I might as well go spend some time around planes and watching others fly. Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative.

When I arrived at the airshow they had some radio controlled planes flying. A friend of mine owns a few RC planes and I have enjoyed learning more about them from him. It was great to see some of the detailed models they had. Next up were some sky divers. One of the divers came down with the American flag streaming behind him and the airshow announcer, Rob Reider, sang the National Anthem. While the skydiver was coming down the Red Baron Squadron of Stearman Bi-Planes took to the skies. They circled the skydiver and the flag a few times during the flag's descent.

The next performer was Michael Hunter in the Flight for Diabetes plane. He put on a great aerobatics show. Michael is the only insulin-dependent aerobatics pilot in the world.

Unfortunately, shortly after his performance the rain started and the show was postponed. I choose to head home and was glad I did when it was still raining a few hours later. Hopefully, they will have better weather for tomorrows visitors. I have posted some photos I took from the airshow.

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