July 1, 2004

Back in the Saddle Again

The aircraft mechanics were able to repair my ride so I took to the skies tonight. My CFI and I spent some extra time with our pre-flight as we were the first to fly the plane since having the spark plugs replaced. Our review found the plane to be airworthy so we took off for the practice area.

From this point forward I will be flying less and less with my instructor and more on my own. So we decided tonight would be a great night to again review the maneuvers that are tested for on the private pilot check ride. This way I could determine what areas to focus my practice time on during my solo flights. So we went through the list: steep turns, power-on stalls, power-off stalls, slow flight and simulated emergency landings.

Tonight was good for me in that I was able to determine what maneuvers I still need to work on. I was satisfied with how I performed all of the maneuvers but my stalls. I did not maintain altitude as well so I will need to practice those in my next few flights.

This weekend and next week I will practice these maneuvers while I am working on building up my solo hours. I originally was hoping to complete my training prior to Labor Day. I am starting to think I might be able to do it this month. I am off to continue my studying for the written test.

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