June 22, 2004

Back in the Air

After my longest break from flying since I began learning to fly, I returned to the skies this evening. My last flight was a brief solo flight a week and a day ago. In that flight I had a frustrating night where I just did not feel comfortable behind the yoke. Many of my pilot friends have mentioned this happens from time to time.

The flight got off to an interesting start. I started my roll-out for takeoff and noticed my door was open. I had not yet started to rotate and had plenty of runway so my instructor showed me how to execute an aborted takeoff. After that, things started to pick up. We made a good crosswind take-off and then executed some practice touch-and-gos with a stiff crosswind which I had not had much opportunity to practice before.

We then went to Lunken (KLUK) for some landings at a towered airport which was fun after having not flown to a towered airport in some time. I like the towered pattern since they are monitoring your movement and can advise you of traffic.

After departing the Lunken area, I put the instrument training hood on and did some simulated instrument flying. To make things more interesting, my instructor covered my attitude indicator and my heading indicator simulating a partial instrumentation failure. I was flying without the ability to look outside the window and without two crucial instruments. Surprisingly, flying under these conditions was not as difficult as I originally thought. We flew for 0.6 hours under simulated instrument conditions, getting me closer to having that training checked off my to-do list.

When we returned to the airport we conducted a few simulated short and soft-field landings that require a slower than normal approach and both were executed to within testing standards. When we finished what was a busy evening of flying I had logged another 1.9 hours with 0.6 of simulated instrument training. I next fly on Thursday.

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