October 21, 2004

Ask the Pilot vs. Ask the Captain - Dueling Aviation Columnists

ask.jpgIn Patrick Smith's October 8th edition of "Ask the Pilot" he asks "What's that they say about imitation and flattery?" Just recently USA Today has started publishing a weekly column called "Ask the Captain" by Meryl Getline. Patrick humorously discusses the fact that there may be room for two similarly targeted authors but USA Today could have been more creative with the name and some of the topics. Patrick writes "This 'Ask the [pilot, captain, lion tamer, etc.]' concept is never the most imaginative choice of wording, but feathers get ruffled when both the topic (air travel) and arena (news Web sites) are snugly mutual. "

Since the middle of 2002 Patrick Smith has been writing a weekly column on Salon.com* called Ask the Pilot. I have enjoyed reading his articles for some time now. He does a nice job of merging-aviation related topics through to the broader air travel category with a fun wit. It appears that Captain Getline has been writing articles for some time as well but has just recently started publishing her works in USAToday.com.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog from time to time than I am sure you will enjoy reading both of their columns. For now I will hold off on choosing one over the other and read them both weekly. I hope you will check them out. Enjoy!

* Please note to view content on Salon.com you need to either pay for access or view an advertisement. By viewing the advertisement you are granted a one day pass to most site content.

Posted by at October 21, 2004 8:05 PM

As an airline pilot at Captain Meryl Getlinee's airline I respectfully request that you be very careful of your source when you read her article. She is widely known as one of the worst pilots at the airline who has struggled through training on numerous occasions. The fact that she publishes articles for anyone is considered a joke by her peers at United.

Posted by: Miles Morgan at October 29, 2004 6:08 PM | Reply

Miles - Thanks for the feedback. From the articles that I have read it is tough to tell the quality of the pilot as they are very general topics. After a few weeks of reading I do believe "Ask the Captain" is more entertaining column.

Thanks for visiting and your feedback!

Posted by: Todd at October 30, 2004 11:01 AM | Reply

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