April 29, 2004

And then there were two schools...

...but the two included a school I originally had scratched from my list. Over the past two days I have visited: Blue Ash Aviation, Franklin Aviation, Cincinnati Flight Training and Queen City Flight Training.

I visited Blue Ash Aviation and enjoyed my visit and really liked the instructor. The school is located at Blue Ash Airport an uncontrolled airport. I think that is my only real concern with Blue Ash Aviation is missing out on the controlled atmosphere each time out.

Today, I visited Franklin Aviation, a Part 141 flight school. I was not impressed with their staff. Although their equipment is top of the line that comes at a steep price. I was equally unimpressed with Cincinnati Flight Training who came in cheapest of the four.

I was pleasantly surprised with Queen City Flight Training. Their website did not impress me but I am not hoping to learn HTML so I got past that. The three staff members I met were all very nice. The flight instructor I met with offered to take me up in one of their Cessna 152's for an introductory flight. The flight was great and I felt comfortable with the instructor. Flying out of an airport in controlled airspace and with a busy schedule of business travel did not seem to slow down the lesson.

So, I think in the coming days I will need to make the tough decision between Queen City Flight Training and Blue Ash Aviation.

Check back soon...

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