June 20, 2005

AirTrek - Advanced In-Flight Course Tracking for Commercial Travelers

airtrek.jpgI always sit in a window seat when I fly commercially. I love to look out the window and look for recognizable cities, airports and other landmarks. Sometimes I will even bring a sectional map along since you can't count on the captain pointing out all the great sites.

Some airlines offer a little assistance with maps that look like they were built on the Atari platform showing you generally where on the flight path you are. But, these maps are of little use other than giving you an idea of how far along the route you are. Luftansa-Technik has developed an in-flight gadget that provides much more detailed information while also fulfilling a pure entertainment need of seeing satellite imagery of your current location.

It is called AirTrek and provides passengers satellite imagery to display their current location. According to Luftansa's website the 2D and 3D maps allow the user to "clearly see take-off and landing as well as points of interest and discover ground terrain with detailed topographical maps along the flight path (eg. cities, countries, oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers)." Users can choose between window, cockpit and overhead views.

Sadly, this functionality is not widely available yet. So you may need to rely on a section or pick up a copy of window seat .

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