January 22, 2005

Air Serv International and AOPA Offer a Way to Aid Tsunami Relief Efforts

airserv.jpgAir Serv International is a non-government and non-profit organization that assists the world's leading relief and development agencies in getting their cargo and humanitarian staff safely delivered to areas of need. According to a recent Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association newsletter, "Air Serv brings badly needed logistics support, equipment and hope to millions of people in some of the harshest environments in the world. Its staff is currently deployed in Sri Lanka and Sumatra, some of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami."

AOPA has selected Air Serv, an approved agency by the USA Freedom Corps, as a partner in its Tsunami relief efforts. AOPA, in conjunction with Air Serv, established the AOPA Tsunami Fund with all funds going specifically to support relief from the tsunami disaster. AOPA has pledged up to $25,000 to match member contributions.

To learn more about how anyone can make a donation and AOPA members can make a donation that will be matched, visit the Air Serv Give a Gift page on the Air Serv Website.

I enjoyed reading a variety of reports from the field that are posted on the Air Serv International Website. Even one that shares how Air Serv came to the rescue of Angelina Jolie while she was on a goodwill tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can also learn about the fleet of general aviation aircraft used on their missions.

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